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Split with Sickmark

by ANF

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Failure 00:30
Failure Living like useless tools Everything seems always true Is this your end?
Walls 00:40
Walls Barbed wire Hopes that die Laid down walls Hampered walks Wrote down lines Forced lives Are we gonna stand in fear and sorrow? Do you wanna live in a torned apart tomorrow?
Apathy 00:38
Apathy Hunchbacks Heads bent on their phones Fingers Faster than thoughts Staring At a flashing display Wasting Themselves day by day Social grief Apathy Estranged Life passing by Confined In their fake lives
Fight Back 00:18
Fight Back Broken jaws Burning throats Twisted knees Buzzing ears Bruised arms Gassed eyes Chopped teeth Bumped heads Every time this shit always happens When will you start to fight back?
Bitterviolence Dark liquor Madness triggers No second thoughts Pour it down Dries your mouth Eyes wide open Kills your throat Death omen Herbs and roots Like magic potion Few little shots Drags you crazy Dries your mouth Eyes wide open Kills your throat Death omen The day after Ashes in mouth Misty visions Sweaty sheets Black poison in your veins Hammering your fucking brain
Ignorant pride Marching in line No need to think Your brain shrinks Into a carbine Orders dictate time Telling you who to hate Monsters they create Addicted to wartime Boots and uniforms Trample free thought Mind that conforms Just another (ro)bot You’re happy to die Without asking why Blindly serving Your master in tie
Bloodhounds 00:25
Bloodhounds Standing shameless in front of lights Another wreck to spread the fright Vultures flying above Looking for the next tragedy to use Hounds ready to go Searching for blood trails to abuse Filming horrors; gloomy views Herded corpses; another news
Cog 00:27
Cog Claiming love for a nation When it causes devastation You’re just a cog in the gears of exploitation!
Vicious circle Cycle begins Work,eat,work,sleep All the rest is Judged as a sin Ticking of clocks Produce,run,produce,die We’re all treated Like headless flock Faces marred by caffeine Dreams charred by routine We sell our time Happy of our misery Their satisfaction For having imposed Our putrefaction Work sets you free
Pull the Plug Lit up faces Fill this place Alien bodies With no grace Time passes by Lowered heads Petrify This virus spreads Moments of life lost in front screens Apathy chokes us to death Everything reported artificial means We dissolve bit by bit Printed smiles Behind no emotion Torn to pieces Brain commotion Tired finger Frantic typing With no linger We stop living Let’s move far from this decay Turn off that light,smash the display Pull the plug!
Outro 01:03


released May 29, 2018

ANF are:
Totò - Vocals
Kevin - Bass, Vocals
Ecumenicus - Guitar, Vocals
Corro - Drums

Released by Psychocontrol records
Produced between June and November 2016 at Tone Deaf Studio by Spadino.

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ANF Palermo, Italy

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