by ANF

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Feel free to contact us at alwaysneverfun@gmail.com
(or come to Via Ferrara, Palermo)


released April 18, 2014

Produced between May 2013 and September 2013
at Tone Deaf Studio by Spadino.
Cover Artwork by Prenzy

ANF are:
Totò Thrasher - Vocals
Kevin - Bass, Vocals
Ecumenicus - Guitar, Vocals
Corro - Drums


all rights reserved



ANF Palermo, Italy

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Track Name: Circle Pit
Circle Pit

Fashion kids enough of this
Stay at gym don’t ruin my gig
Your elbow hits pollute this pit

Your fucking dance makes me sick
Violent macho pogo I don’t need

Your violent mosh has no place here
Don’t you dare Knock my beer

Your fucking dance makes me sick
Violent macho pogo I don’t need
Your fucking dance makes me sick
All I want is a circle pit

Running around until you drop down
There’s no time to think join the circle pit!
Track Name: New Crusades
New Crusades

New crusades against different cultures

Everything must be civilized

Masking your business
With promises of salvation
Track Name: Can't You See
Can’t you see

In front of god
All slaves bow their heads

Everybody bends their back

Can’t you see?
Do you love your chains?
That you are just dead
But you love your chains
Track Name: Time Is Coming
Time is coming

Extreme defender of this world of oppression
You try to assert your power on my skin

I’m not afraid of you
I won’t follow your rules
My dreams are of fire
Your time is coming
Track Name: Conspiracy

Aim to be so social
How's that improving your life?

Whatever you buy
Whatever you see
Whatever you say
They know!

Whatever you wish
Whatever you think
In anyway
They know!

They'd find you in a bottomless pit

What will you do? go hiding straight to hell

Via ferrara is your last resort

All down
Track Name: Best Drinker
Best Drinker

You are talking so much
But you are not drinking enough
Your fucking drunk stories
Are always so boring

You are the best drinker
You are always the winner

You are only an asshole
Stop your verbal aggression
Please false drunkard
Let me drink my tankard

You are the best drinker
You are always the winner
Track Name: Oops.. I Did It Again!
Oops I Did It Again

Oops I did it again x2

I promised myself
I would not drink again
But booze always helps
I could not stop myself


I’ve been forcing my hand
I would not puke again
I was pushed by my friends
I pissed in my pants

My head’s about to burst
I’ve never felt worst

The only thing to do
Is have another shot or two
Track Name: Roberto Sport
Roberto Sport

You spend your day in a country club
You are 56 dressed like a kid
Why does it sound like you get off
When you hit that fucking ball?

I've had enough of your raquettes
I’ll shove ’em up your preppy ass
The only sport I’ll ever know
Is biliardino let’s fucking go!

With two people on each side
We could play day and night
Put ’em all those seven spheres
Get fucked up drinking beer
Track Name: Stage Cops
Stage Cops

Your fucking mission is to ruin our show
Stage cops
Security and barriers are what we hate most

We don't need you
We hate stage cops
We don't want to you
We hate you all

We can't see why this is a hardcore show
Stage cops
Your muscles don't scare us we'll stage dive on your corpse

We don't need you
We hate stage cops
We don't want to you
We hate you all
Track Name: Hypocrisy

Always talking about revolution
Always saying you’re against the system
But your actions tell differently

Your hypocrisy makes me laugh
Track Name: Shit For Breakfast
Shit for breakfast

Every morning I hope you choke
While you’re eating your hate for breakfast

Your hate is fucking shit!

Screaming about hate but only thing
I can hear is fucking shit

Your hate is fucking shit!

Thinking you’re a rebel
Serving and protecting
What you claim to hate!
Track Name: Enslavement

You wanna make me believe your dogmas
You wanna make me follow your moral laws

Religion is enslavement
Faith is for dumbasses

You tell me to live in sacrifice
I don’t believe in this bullshit

Religion is enslavement
Faith is for dumbasses

I only believe in me
Escape from these lies and cut this shit!
Track Name: Defeater

Your words smell of shit
From the ass of the statue of liberty
War makes us sick
Enough of this ambiguity

You’re defeater

You say you’re anti war
Yet soldiers are your heroes
What are they killing for?
A check with a few zeroes

You’re defeater
You’ve been defeated
Track Name: No More
No More

In every house there is a little box
Images and news (are) transmitted non-stop

Lies and explotation as truth and progress

Your little box is a weapon of mass destruction

False freedom to choose what you see
Brainwashed and indoctrinated by their beliefs

No more!
Track Name: ANF
Always Never Fun

Passivity and acceptance
Heaviness and pain
Nooses that tighten
Always never fun

I can’t watch this anymore
I won’t wait no more
Now it’s time to move

In this cage Always never fun.

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